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Ladies and Gents, welcome to the Psych-A- GoGo-Garage-A- Billy train of the Snails! A 6-year- process and a few line-up changes, Snails present their 2nd album with the help of a few other cavemen/women of the underground Athenian scene (Dimitris from the Cardinals, Eve from The Meanie Geanies, Mimis from Yesterday's Thoughts, and George from Psych-zine Gew Gaw). A Fuzzy Psych roller coaster becoming punk-a- delic or psych-a- delic or acid-delic or garage-a- delic, that will make your mind melt, your body shiver and sweat and you soul transcend... You're advised to pick it up from their band-
camp page because it's impossible to fit all 58 minutes in the forthcoming vinyl edition on Anazitisi Records and for sure you wouldn't want to miss a single note from this Superb album! TLM

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