Mar 06

A fab review for Dr. Acid by Strange Things Are Happening blog:

<<This is cool. For 60s Retro freaks, Fuzz heads and Garage Punks, Dr. Acid, the latest release of 14 tracks of sharp, urgent, groovy Garage/Psych from Greek Pebbles/Nuggets enthusiasts The Snails certainly hits the spot. It’s a Paisley Underground flecked mix of Garage Rock stompers and lysergic freak outs that bring to mind the first wave of 80s Neo-Psychedelic bands such as the Chesterfield Kings, the Fuzztones and the Lyres.
There are some great tunes on this record…………………’Burning Boy’ has echoes of the Paisley Underground bands like the Dream Syndicate whereas  ‘A Thousand Miles’ is a Eastern flavoured swirl out. The Snails switch from the light, airy and very groovy tracks like ‘Sunshine’ to the darker, moody fuzz ‘n’ Farfisa numbers such as ‘I’m On Fire’ with ease while the title track is a seriously psychedelic wig out. It’s a record made by a band who really love Garage Rock and the retro vibes seep out of every groove……..well worth a listen.>>


Mar 09

NEW Song in GREEK for Gew - Gaw fanzine cd comp 

στοιχειά (spooks)

Νανούρισμα - The Snails

β' φωνητικά / backing Vocals: Angel Lo Verde

New issue of Gew-Gaw fanzine (in greek) incl. cd compilation with 15 Greek bands, 1 from Germany, 1 from England, 3 from USA, 1 from Canada. 
All the bands sing in Greek!!!!

Get your copy NOW!!!!!



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